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What is Invisalign® Treatment?

Get that beautiful smile you always wanted with Invisalign- the world’s most advanced aligner technology. Our team of experienced Orthodontists ensure you get your beautiful smile all the while preserving the structure of your teeth comfortably with invisible removable braces.

First image a close up of a woman's mouth as she inserts her aligners second is a teenage male driving with his father smiling

How Invisalign® Works:
Three Simple Steps

  • Schedule a free consultation with your Orthodontist

    Set up your free consultation with our certified and experienced orthodontist, who can help you determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure

  • Get acquainted with the customized treatment plan

    Your orthodontist will take your teeth impressions and show you the different stages of teeth positioning via 3D imaging.

  • Show-off your smile!

    Put on your prescribed aligners and follow the treatment plan religiously. And do not forget to show-off that smile!

Mother sitting in the passenger seat smiling at her teenage daughter who is driving Two friends in a dorm room with one woman helping her friend put on a bracelet
younger teenage girl smiling as she looks out a window A man smiling while standing on the sidewalk

Before and After Invisalign® Treatment

Man with his before and after smile Teenage girl with her before smile beside her happy after smile
Young woman with her smile before and after treatment Woman smiling for before and after treatment

Treatment as
low as $99/month,

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Prices may not
include final retainers

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