24-Hour Dentist You Can Always Rely On

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

If one of your teeth is significantly broken or cracked, this is absolutely a dental emergency that requires immediate professional attention. The severe pain felt in your gums or one of your teeth also qualifies as a dental emergency, as such pain may indicate an infection or an abscessed tooth.

If one of your teeth is chipped or superficially cracked, this may qualify as a dental emergency. Call your local 24 hr. dental care service for any doubts or questions.

Who Do I Call In A Dental Emergency?

Along with wisdom tooth removal, Media Dental Care offers 24 hr. emergency dental care services and dental surgery services in the communities near Media, Aston, and Swarthmore. If you believe you may possibly need emergency dental care, please call our 24/7 service number at 267-310-2117.

What Can I Do Before Getting To The Dentist’s Office?

There are things you can easily do in the minutes that elapse before getting emergency dental care services.

If you have a broken tooth, try the following before a professional can attend to you:

  • Thoroughly wash out your mouth with clean, warm water.
  • To stem the bleeding, put pressure on the affected area with a piece of gauze, paper towel, or similar material for 10 minutes, or until bleeding stops.
  • Apply a cold pack to the face near where the injured tooth is located. This will reduce pain and swelling.
  • To further reduce pain, use an over-the-counter pain reliever.
  • If for some reason it is not possible to immediately reach a 24-hour service, you can use temporary dental cement to cover the injured tooth. Dental cement is often available at your local drugstore, CVS, and Walmart.

If a tooth has been knocked out from its socket completely, be cautious in how the tooth is handled. Treat the tooth as gently as possible, and be careful to only touch the enamel of the tooth, not the exposed root.

If possible, you should try to reinsert the tooth into its socket; to keep it in place, try biting down on a strip of gauze or similar material until you can reach your dentist.

If you are not able to keep the tooth in place in its socket, the next option is to try to preserve the tooth in a glass of your own saliva, or a glass of milk. If possible, you could even hold the tooth in your mouth, ensuring that it is fully immersed in saliva; however, take care not to swallow the tooth in the process.

After a tooth has been knocked out, you should do your best to reach a dentist’s office within 30 minutes. However, a tooth can still potentially be reinserted and saved if more than 30 minutes pass.

There are also a few things you can do before reaching a dentist if you are experiencing severe pain in a tooth. Try swishing and gargling with warm salt water; this can relieve the toothache, and you can easily make salt water with just a teaspoon of salt. Swishing and gargling with apple cider vinegar can also relieve pain, plus it has the added advantage of killing bacteria and germs. A cotton ball soaked peppermint or lemon extract can be effective in reducing the toothache as well, when held in one’s mouth against the affected tooth.

Besides the mentioned services, Media Dental Care also performs dental cosmetics and provides seasoned root canal dentists. Media Dental Care proudly serves the communities in and surrounding Media, Aston, and Swarthmore. Make an appointment today at 267-310-2117, or schedule a check-up with us online.