Invisalign Vs. Traditional Braces: Which Is Right for You?

So, you’ve finally decided to improve your smile with a little help from professional orthodontic treatments! And while your final goal may be straighter teeth, there are a few ways to achieve these desired results. Chances are you probably already know about the Invisalign clear aligner system; you’re also probably aware of the effectiveness of traditional metal braces.

At Media Dental Care, we provide family dental care to residents in and around Media. And we want you to be informed before making this crucial decision. And regardless of what treatment system to choose, we can provide the expert orthodontic services to get you looking your best with a renewed smile. Let’s take a look at some of the distinct advantages of each treatment.


Traditional metal braces have brackets that are glued to the teeth, which are connected by archwires. In contrast, Invisalign aligners are just that — virtually invisible and discrete. And they’re fully removable too, so you can take them out for job interviews, dates, and other special occasions.


While both traditional braces and Invisalign can treat many of the same orthodontic cases, Invisalign gives orthodontists less control over the teeth. This makes traditional braces better for more severe cases of gaps, overbite, and other issues.


There will be stages of discomfort with both methods, as with any effective orthodontic treatment. For instance, each new Invisalign aligner will be tight and might create discomfort for the first few days. This is similar to the slight pain you would feel after your braces have been tightened. In any case, Invisalign has the advantage, as its soft plastic aligners won’t irritate your gums and mouth like metal braces can.

Oral Hygiene

With metal braces, you need to take extra care of your teeth, because food particles can get stuck in their spaces and cause decay and even create cavities. That said, flossing is a critical component of keeping traditional braces clean and hygienic. With Invisalign, maintaining dental health is much easier due to the ability to remove the aligners and adequately clean your mouth, teeth, and gums.


There will be some changes in your lifestyle when undergoing orthodontic treatment. With traditional braces, you’ll need to avoid certain foods such as toffee, jerky, gum, licorice, and many others. Invisalign requires a different sort of lifestyle change. You’ll need to remember to remove your aligners before eating. This can make it easy to forget them or even accidentally throw them away.

As you can see, each method of orthodontic treatment has its unique advantages and drawbacks. At Media Dental Care, we can guide you through this process, every step of the way, all to provide you with the rejuvenated and revitalized smile you deserve.

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